2004 | 50° 12' 57"

Computer aided designed and manufactured object

June 2003 - March 2004


Dimensions in mm: 120 w x 120 l x 120 d

Medium: Rhino software, ABS plastic, round mini magnets

Current location: artist's collection


Invited artist, Connectivity project


Exhibited as part of Challenging Craft conference,  RGU, Aberdeen, Scotland, 2004


Review - The Connectivity Project - a response to distributed actions

Malcolm McCulloch, (author of Abstracting Craft: The Practised Digital  Hand, 1998), September 2005


Artist’s notes:

A challenge in every sense. Grappling with Rhino software (helped by Gordon Burnett), one of my favourite - and slightly frightening -  places in Scotland was modelled through map contour information into a small three-dimensional structure in a response to the project theme - ‘a sense of place’. The renders are far more exciting than the finished object!