1998 | Hearth's Desire

Site-specific temporary interior construction - a fire screen - designed for the Adam fireplace, North Drawing Room, Duff House, National Galleries of Scotland, Banff

February - March 1998


Dimensions in cm: 120 w x  120 h x  10 d


Medium: heat treated copper sheet (mounted on plywood), square section brass rod, fibre optic lighting with cyan filter


Current location: artist's collection

Exhibited in: A Room with a View, Artesign, Duff House, National Galleries of Scotland, Banff


Discussed in: A Room with a View, Artesign. Douglas, A. (1998) RGU: Aberdeen


Review - Roddy Phillips, Press and Journal


Artist’s notes:

A dark empty hearth is a sad sight - especially when it is of such a scale as those designed by the neoclassical architect Robert Adam. This construction acts as a fire screen, bringing warmth and light into the dark space. In the making, lightly heating the copper sheet with a welding flame produces unexpected purple, red, blue and green tints. A grid of twenty one intense turquoise lights pierces the screen, contrasting with the copper surface


Photos 1 and 2: Stuart Johnstone