Water Wedge
(detail), 240 x 240 x 30 cm, perspex, water, steel, piano wire, bolts, Scottish Sculpure Open, Kildrummy Castle, 1983.
Light Knit, 20 x 10 x 10 cm, electroluminescent fibres, knitted by Hazel Hughson, Maakin Lab, Shetland, 2003.

I am a maker - of objects and images, an explorer of contemporary technologies and materials.

I have made artworks that respond directly to place and space,
for example the temporary installation Water Wedge (see image). More
recent work focuses on small scale sculptural lights made for specific people/occasions/locations, exploring different lighting methods,
including LEDs, fibre optics and electroluminescent technology.
I have worked with another artist - Joanna Howarth - in a creative
collaboration - shadow+ lights studio.

My current project Constructive Aesthetic is in progress. It attempts
to explore space as a ‘material’, in the form of three-dimensional
constructions that are geometrically progressive, spatially ambiguous,
and materially rich.