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Gray, C, Malins, J. and Bristow, M. (2018)

The ‘epistemic object’ in the process of creative doctoral inquiry

in: Prior, R (ed.)

'Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching'

London:  Intellect Books ISBN: 9781783208920

Malins, J., Gray, C. and Liapis, A. (2015)
Trialogical Learning: a new framework for learning through the creative

relationship between emerging technologies and multiple participants
in: Bihanic, D. (ed.) 'User Empowerment: Interdisciplinary studies & combined

approaches for technological products and services’
London: Springer Verlag ISBN: 978-3-319-13017-0

Gray, C. and Burnett, G. (2014)
Making Sense: exploring materialist pedagogies through imagination,

collaboration and criticality
in: Barrett, E. and Bolt, B. (eds.) 'Material Inventions: Applying Creative Research'
London: I B Tauris ISBN: 9781780769868

Gray, C. and Delday, H. (2011)
A Pedagogy of Poiesis: possible futures for 'artistic' practice-led

doctoral research
in: Smite, R., Mey, K. and Smits, R. (eds.)

‘Art as Research',

Acoustic Space No.9. RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture, Riga

and MPLab of Liepaja University, Latvia.

ISSN: 1407-2858 (Latvian and English)


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