1977 | Quarters

Plinth based construction

November - December 1977


Dimensions in mm:
400 w x 400 h  x 100 d

Materials: Letratone and tape on (neutral grey) tinted and clear perspex, white perspex, silver steel rod, white tape


Current location:

unknown (presume destroyed)

Exhibited in: Undergraduate Degree Exhibition, Fine Art Department, University of Reading, 1978

Photograph in: catalogue for EXP at PCL, April 1979. Introduction by Malcolm Hughes


Artist’s notes:
This construction was developed from a series of drawings and small scale ‘layered’ tests using clear and tinted perspex, with Letratone sheet applied to some planes or parts thereof. The division of a square by a single line at 117 / 63 degrees repeats yet changes direction, introducing implied rotation. There is a progressive positioning sequence of planes that is different for each ‘quarter’ of the work, introducing compositional change and spatial ambiguity.