1985 | Receiver

Site-specific temporary outdoor installation in historic castle ruins

April - June 1985


Dimensions in cm:

60 w x 300 l x 150 d

Materials: mirror finish stainless steel, square section stainless steel rod, galvanised steel rope and grips.


Current location: unknown (presume lost). Commissioned for: Scottish Sculpture Workshop Open 3, Kildrummy Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, June 1985.


Review: Cordelia Oliver, The Guardian


Artist’s notes:

It is impossible to compete with the scale and beauty of any rural landscape, so my response to this brief was to simply reflect it - drawing in the distant landscape and surrounding skies into a dish-like structure similar to a segment of a radio telescope. Oliver states:

"This year only one piece, by Carole Gray, making clever use of reflective planes held in a lightweight tensile cradle, creates contrast enough to make a valid point without succumbing to the environment."