2010 - 2014 | shadow + lights

An experimental creative collaboration between

Carole Gray and Joanna Howarth


January 2010 - December 2014





Artist’s notes:

On completion of the studio refurbishment at my home, this new collaboration was begun. Joanna was a student of mine and we have been friends since 1981 but had never worked together. The aim initially was to explore the dimensions of collaboration - personally, artistically and philosophically. With a focus on sculptural form and light, we decided to make every decision together. Working only one half day per week, nothing was planned. The work we first made was spontaneous and ‘hands on’ - very material oriented. This ‘quick work’ was complemented by having the rest of the week to reflect on what we had done. For me it was a completely new way of working and exercised listening and negotiating skills. What we made was always ‘the third thing’ - the result of the collaboration, that neither of us would have achieved working alone.