1989 | Tower of Babel 1 and 2

Plinth based constructions

March 1989


Dimensions in mm: each approx.

600 w x 600 l x 600 h

Medium: tinted grey/blue and black perspex, perforated zinc mesh, coloured plaster, brass/copper.


Current location: destroyed

Selected for Aberdeen Artists Society Annual exhibition, City Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1989


Review: Nicki McHarg, The Scotsman


Artist’s notes:

An enduring fascination with Pieter Bruegel’s two famous paintings (1563 and 1565) inspired these constructions. From an open base, a plaster ‘inner tower’ is circled by a tinted perspex Archimedean spiral ‘ramp’ cut from a flat sheet. This is stretched and held in place by perforated zinc ‘walls’, edged in brass/copper strip. Monumental scale is implied - imagine yourself walking up the ramp then looking down into the dark deep base.