, base fittings with hinges
Light Cube, adjustable base fitting

If you are interested in the possibility of commissioning a new artwork
here is some information for your consideration.

I have worked on a range of commissions - large and small scale,
permanent and temporary:

• public - site-specific, as a result of competition, selection or invitation
• private - for interior/domestic settings, of a commemorative/
celebratory nature, by personal invitation.

Most of my work has some kind of function - sculptural objects can be lights and vice versa. Each piece embodies the desires and values of the commissioner. For example, S60 was a commissioned table light to
celebrate a significant birthday of a biochemist with white curly hair.

A particular interest is working with or in response to an existing old/
cherished object. For example, in Light Cube a 1930s oak shoe display
stand was revived into an elegant standard light. In recycling materials/
objects and being resourceful with them, I attempt t
o maximise their
value and impact with minimum intervention.

In the public arena, artwork can visualise an organisations achievements
and aspirations, as in the piece Moveable Feast, made in collaboration with another artist - Heather Delday.

Please feel free to
email me (without obligation) to tell me your ideas/
requirements for a new unique work.